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Speech & Language Department

Lexington’s Speech & Language Department helps students improve their listening, speech reading and language skills. Our speech therapists work closely with classroom teachers, audiologists and families to help students reach their goals. The most common forms of therapy include:
  • Helping students articulate certain sounds more clearly,
  • Helping students find and arrange words to express their thoughts, feelings and needs,
  • Helping students understand what other people are saying.
Students may receive individual or group speech therapy sessions based on their Individualized Educational Plan (IEP). During each therapy session, students work on specific speech and language goals.

Parent support is very important. Parents are encouraged to review speech notebooks and homework. If parents have questions or concerns, they should write notes in the student’s speech book or e-mail the therapist directly. Please remember to visit your child’s speech therapist during Parent-Teacher conferences.

Additional Information

For additional information regarding Speech & Language services, please contact:

Laura Cruz

Director, Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) 
Voice: 718-350-3250

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