Family Liaison

Lexington’s family liaison connects families with information, help and support to ensure their Deaf child’s academic and social success.

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  • Message From Our Family Liaison

    As your family liaison at Lexington School for the Deaf, my role is to support all families from our Ready to Learn program (add link to Ready to Learn) to the elementary, middle and high school classes.

    In navigating their personal journey, each family comes to recognize their unique needs and strengths. I want to help you take full advantage of the wonderful programs, teachers, and services here at Lexington. I can offer resources, workshops, and information to help support your family’s growth at each new stage of development.

    As a parent myself, I understand that it takes a community to raise children. The Lexington family brings an attitude of positivity, a rich history and a unique presence within the greater Deaf community. I hope you will take advantage of the opportunities to expand your network of fellow parents and resources!

    Wherever you are in your journey, I look forward to meeting you. My office is in room 2-120, next to the library, and my hours are posted on my door. Please do not hesitate to reach out and welcome to the Lexington family!

    Meggi Sweeney-Smith
  • Family Resources

    ASL Classes
    These two-hour classes meet once a week for an eight-week semester. Enrollment is available on a first-come, first-served basis according to the date registration/payment is received. These classes are for adults only. Parents of children at Lexington can take these classes for a reduced rate! Please contact Cassandra Panagiotakis at asl@lexnyc.org

    Online Stories, Rhythm Songs, and Play
    Hands Land provides educational resources for young children through ASL rhymes and rhythms. This is a wonderful way to learn some fun rhymes, practice hand shapes and gain a foundation to create your own personalized ones at home! There are two seasons available on Amazon.

    Social and Cultural Events for Parents
    ASL Slam occurs once a month and provides a safe place for the sign language community to play and connect. Audience members are encouraged to step onto the stage to rap, rhapsodize, rehash or just relate in sign language. ASL Slam supports artists by providing a venue for new and experimental works such as poetry, dance, literature and music, while also preserving and enriching cultural experiences in both Deaf and hearing communities. Interpreters are present at the monthly events.

Additional Info

For additional information regarding our Family Liaison services, please contact:

Meggi Sweeney-Smith

Family Liaison
Email: msmith@lexnyc.org
Phone: 718-350-3235
Videophone: 917-832-1693