Family Liaison

Lexington’s family liaison connects families with information, help and support to ensure their Deaf child’s academic and social success.

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OPT Bus Issues

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  • What Can You Do As A Parent/Guardian?

    If your family is having issues with the OPT bus service .....

    Call and file a complaint:
    Don’t forget to keep a record:  Record the Date /Time/ Violation Number for each complaint you place.
    • Call 311
           Let them know you want to file a complaint regarding OPT service
    •  Call OPT directly to file a complaint:   718-392-8855
      Detailed directions in English and Spanish may be found here
      from PIST (Parents to Improve School Transportation)
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  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Family Resources and Support

    Are you looking to talk to another parent who understands? Do you need support but are not sure where to start with your questions? Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if so - our Lexington community is here for you and we look forward to staying in touch!

    Check out our Resources for Lexington Families document (with more coming in every day).

    Also, join our Online Family Support Groups any time to connect with other parents, solve problems, and laugh together! Meeting times are Mondays at 12pm and Thursdays at 4pm

    These meetings are confidental and ASL and Spanish Interpreters are provided. We hope to see you there!
  • American Sign Language Support for Families

    Free Online ASL Classes during COVID-19 Pandemic
    (Provided for Lexington families by Lexington's Vocational Services.)
    Due to such an incredible response, the current classes are full and they are developing a waitlist for the next round of classes (date TBD). Please email msmith@lexnyc.org if you are interested in learning ASL and need support.

    We celebrate you, your interest, and your journey!!

    In collaboration with our Bilingual Education Coordinator, Leigh Crane, we will be providing supplemental ASL learning resources for anyone waiting to receive services from the Vocational Center. Click here to explore our shared resources (available in English/Spanish).

    Learning American Sign Language Resources
    This link connects you to a list of clickable resources on the web. This resource list has been developed by parents for parents. Please be part of this process by e-mailing additional resources msmith@lexnyc.org

    Lexington School for the Deaf is not affiliated with any products, services, or events on this list unless stated otherwise.
  • Schoology/Learning Devices

    When you're not here, make sure you stay connected to your student's school, teachers, and staff! Get notifications about upcoming events and resources with our family group! 

    Log In Here
    Check out the Schoology app as well!

    Do you need support getting set up or trouble shooting your Schoology account/password? Do you need a DOE device to support your student's learning at home?

    Contact Meggi at msmith@lexnyc.org today for support.
  • Family Fun

    Making play a regular part of your family is a beautiful way to grow and learn together! Playing with your child builds positive relationships. Sharing everyday experiences strengthens your family. 

    Lexington School helps families to play
      -  Family Fun Days
      -  Small Group ASL Family Rock Climbing at the Cliffs
      -  PSA events & parties

    Please note all in-person events are suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the mean time, check out our new Family Fun platform below and access videos, activities, stories, and more - anywhere that you have internet access!!
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  • Summer Camps

    Look below for more information on summer camp opportunities for Deaf children and their families. (Please note there may be cancellations or changes in programing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check directly with the organization for their most up-to-date information.)
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  • Community Events

    Your community is a vital network that supports both you and your family! While that is a beautiful thing, they can also be complex and layered. Sometimes it's hard to know where to start when building our own... 

    Here are some resources and events that have been gathered by families and friends to help you. Please join the process by emailing msmith@lexnyc.org with any new finds, and continue to grow and strengthen your own support by participating in multiple layers (at school, in your local neighborhood, and through your state/national organizations).

    Lexington School for the Deaf is not affiliated with any products, services, or events on this list unless stated otherwise. (Please makes sure to check in with each organization during this time to get the most up-to-date information on programing and events during COVID-19.)
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Additional Info

For additional information regarding our Family Liaison services, please contact:

Meggi Sweeney Smith

Family Liaison
Email: msmith@lexnyc.org
Phone: 718-350-3235
Videophone: 917-832-1693

Centro Hispano Contacte
718-350-3248 (Giselle) 
Email: hrt@lexnyc.org

Lexington School for the Deaf
25-26 75th Street, Room 2-120
East Elmhurst, NY  11370