About Us

Board of Trustees

Lexington School for the Deaf is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Trustees who are committed to the school’s purpose and vision. The Board of Trustees meets four times a year, with the majority of the board’s work accomplished through committees and task forces. Board members, in conjunction with the CEO/Superintendent, help to determine and monitor the strategic direction for the organization. They are responsible for financial decisions, overseeing policies, and fundraising. They ensure that the organization complies with applicable regulations and that it remains committed to its mission of educational excellence.

The board is committed to the issues of social justice and equity.  Click here to read the board's statement on social justice and equal opportunity.

Board of Trustees

  • Suzanne Chen, Co-President
  • Kim Kurz, Ph.D., Co-President
  • Patrice Creamer, Co-Vice President
  • Gregory Hlibok, Esq., Co-Vice President
  • Arvin Pasricha,  Treasurer
  • Irene Leigh, Ph.D., Co-Secretary
  • Sara Basson, Ph.D., Co-Secretary
  • Philip Bravin, Ph.D.
  • Seth Bravin
  • Albert Hlibok
  • Elisabeth Krents, Ph.D.
  • Onudeah Nicolarakis, Ph.D.
  • I. David Paley
  • Lauren Ridloff
  • Linda Schlesinger
Board of Trustee Meetings for the 2024-2025 School Year
• October 25, 2024
• January 24, 2025
• March 21, 2025
• June 27, 2025  (General Board/Elections)

The general meetings of the Board of Trustees will begin at 10:00 am.
Board Committee Assignments for the 2024-2025 School Year
Executive Committee
Suzanne Chen, Co-President
Kim Kurz, Co-President
Patrice Creamer, Co-Vice President
Greg Hlibok, Co-Vice President
Irene Leigh, Co-Secretary
Sara Basson, Co-Secretary
Arvin Pasricha, Treasurer
Seth Bravin
David Paley
Elizabeth Krents

Finance Committee
Arvin Pasricha, Chair
Seth Bravin
Albert Hlibok
David Paley

Gregory Hlibok, Chair
Philip Bravin

Elisabeth Krents, Chair
Linda Schlesinger

Seth Bravin, Chair
Elisabeth Krents
Irene Leigh

Ad Hoc Strategic Planning Committee
Kim Kurz, Chair
Patrice Creamer
Elisabeth Krents
Onudeah Nicolarakis

Program: School
Patrice Creamer, Chair
Kim Kurz
Onudeah Nicolarakis

Program: Agencies
David Paley, Chair
Sara Basson
Irene Leigh