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Junior NAD

Junior NAD (Junior National Association of the Deaf)

Lexington School for the Deaf is proud to sponsor a Junior NAD chapter for students in grades 9 through 12. Junior NAD is a program of the National Association of the Deaf. It provides opportunities to develop leadership skills, learn and demonstrate citizenship, and meet and interact with students from other schools and states. It prepares youth to become future leaders and advocates in the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Lexington’s Junior NAD chapter focuses on advocacy, attitude, awareness, commitment, cooperation, friendship, information exchange, involvement and leadership skills. Meetings are held after-school. Activities include community events, guest speakers, trips and fundraisers. Students may apply for one of 64 openings at the NAD Youth Leadership Camp (YLC) in Stayton, Oregon. This intensive, four-week summer camp focuses on scholarship, leadership and citizenship. Application and tuition fees for YLC can be offset by fundraising activities or scholarships.