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Dorm Program

Lexington’s Dorm Program supports high school students who will benefit from additional academic support, social skills, and language development.

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  • Overview

    The Dorm Program is available from Monday afternoons through Friday mornings. The Dorm follows the regular school calendar (e.g. September through June) and is closed on holidays and school breaks.

    The Dorm can house up to 14 students. Facilities include living/dining room, kitchen, study room, recreation room, bedrooms (single, double and triple-occupancy), bathrooms and an area for washing/drying clothing.

    The New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) regulates the Dorm Program, which is considered a residential program. The agency performs a bi-annual site visit to ensure compliance with regulations.
  • Dorm Program

    Two staff members always supervise the dorm students.  Breakfast and dinner are provided from Monday evening through Friday morning. Dorm staff help students learn daily living skills such as meal preparation, laundry, time management, and appropriate social skills. Based upon student interest, staff plan recreational activities such as bowling, movies, eating out, gym time, and crafts. Special events throughout the year include an annual community service trip to Vermont, a Fall Harvest dinner, and Dorm BBQs. 
  • Dorm Tutoring

    A dorm tutor (certified teacher) is available after-school Monday through Thursday to help students with academic subjects. The Dorm has an academic center with computer stations and a SMART board. Dorm staff are also available to provide support as needed.
  • Admission to the Dorm Program

    Families must request admission to the Dorm (Residential) Program. The request is evaluated by Committee for Special Education (CSE) of the student’s home district and approved by the State Education Department (SED). Tours of the Dorm are available upon request.
  • Dorm Staff

    Dorm Director: Jacque Fresolo - contact Jacque at
    Dorm Staff: Saima Asim, Brian Montero, Leonore Palma, & David Rosenberg 
    Dorm Tutors: Angela Pilato & Allison McKelvy
  • BlueJays Giving Closet

    All Lexington students and their families can visit the Giving Closet. Priority is given to those students with significant need. All clothing is either new or washed before hanging on the clothes racks.  Everything is free!

    Lexington staff and their families have been donating clothing and other household items since May 2019. Initially named the Blue Jays Donation Room, we finally landed on the BlueJays Giving Closet as the name of this program.

    When this project started, the goal was to collect donations to make the Dorm Program as cozy as possible. We started by painting the rooms, adding small furniture to bedrooms, and additional items throughout the Dorm. Later, we accepted clothing. This was when the project took off.

    "When one walks away with an item and a smile on their face, it brings happy hearts to our Lexington community!"

Dorm Program

To begin the application process or schedule a tour, please contact:
Jacqueline "Jacque" Fresolo
Dorm Director
Phone/Videophone: 917-832-1685