Think Maps Case Study

Thinking Maps, Inc. recently published a Case Study regarding Lexington's implementation of the Thinking Maps approach throughout the school's curriculum. Click here to read the Case Study!
From the team at Thinking Maps:

We’re excited to introduce our newest customer story: Lexington School for the Deaf in East Elmhurst, New York. This story is a testament to the power of Thinking Maps to facilitate learning and communication for students with diverse language backgrounds. It is also an excellent example of TMLC in action. The school’s commitment to Thinking Maps and TMLC (Thinking Maps Learning Community) has resulted in exemplary use across the board, including students and both instructional and non-instructional staff.
Thinking Maps has been a powerful tool for learning, communication and collaboration at Lexington. Many of their students are not only Deaf but also come from non-English speaking families. The case study shows how Thinking Maps can open doors for learning and understanding for students with significant language challenges.
At the same time, this is an excellent TMLC story. Lexington has used a very deliberate approach to increase the use of Thinking Maps and TMLC. That includes the use of Map Builder for shared lesson and unit planning, department collaboration, and cross-department communication—including back-office departments such as HR and IT. They also have leveraged the online professional development courses to roll out Thinking Maps to teaching assistants and non-instructional staff. Since reintroducing Thinking Maps and TMLC in 2021, usage has soared across the school.