Family Liaison

NYS Senator Shelley Mayer Visits Lexington

Lexington was honored to have NYS Senator Shelley Mayer, Chair of the Senate's Committee on Education, as a guest reader in our preschool program on May 19th.
Ms. Mayer read The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister and helped the students with a dot painting project. The students asked Ms. Mayer to participate in their survey of favorite spring activities. The choices were: plant flowers, feed ducks, play in the rain, or other. Ms. Mayer selected planting flowers and one student had the privilege of printing the Senator's name and placing it on the survey board.

Senator Mayer also toured the new educational TV studio and visited Bill Moran's digital design class.

Thanks to preschool teacher Gianna Hittmann and instructional assistant Chrissy Hayward for arranging a fun visit and to Shelley Mayer (37th Senate District) and her Education Committee Director, Georgia Asciutto, for driving to Lexington on a very rainy Thursday morning!