Consent for COVID Testing

Beginning December 15th, Lexington will be working with BioReference Labs to screen 10% of unvaccinated students (1st grade through age 21) for COVID. Families need to consent to the screening - click here to sign the online form!

A partir del 15 de diciembre, Lexington trabajará con BioReference Labs para evaluar el COVID al 10% de los estudiantes no vacunados (1er grado hasta los 21 años). Las familias deben dar su consentimiento para la evaluación: ¡haga clic aquí para firmar el formulario en línea!

If your child has received the COVID-19 Vaccination, please ignore this message. 
Si su hijo ha recibido la vacuna COVID-19, ignore este mensaje.
Click here to read this message in English, Spanish or Chinese.

Parents only need to consent one time.
Parents can revoke the consent at any time. 
Vaccinated students cannot be tested.
The testing will be done weekly when school is open.
The test is a lab-based PCR short nasal swab (most accurate test available).
Results come in 48-72 hours.
If parents provide a personal e-mail during the consent process, they will receive the results via e-mail.
This testing program runs through the end of the 2021-2022 school year.

If your child has already been vaccinated, they do not need to complete this form. If you have multiple children at Lexington, please submit one form for each child.
      School Nurse, Carolyn Izsak, at VP: 347-846-2034 or cizsak@lexnyc.org
      Family Liaison, Meggi Smith at 718-350-3235 or msmith@lexnyc.org