Bitmojis in the Classroom

Thanks to the creative efforts of Marjorie Ryall, teacher, and Tina Stincone, instructional assistant, virtually attending class has taken on a whole new meaning. Ms. Ryall and Ms. Stincone have created a bitmoji version of their 5th grade classroom, inhabited by bitmojis (cartoon-like characters) of themselves.
The bitmoji classroom includes all the features – teacher’s desk, Smart board, bookcase, posters – seen in a regular classroom. Students click on the various images in the classroom to link to websites and other resources. For example, if they click on the class schedule, they can find links to on-line classes and specials (e.g. gym, art). If they click on the math book, they link to their digital Go Math workbook. The bitmoji classroom includes the Problem of the Day (math word problems), grammar challenges (with links to grammar rules), and ASL vocabulary. It’s a fun, interactive way to learn and has been a big hit with the students. It’s also an example of how Lexington’s educators are embracing technology to enhance the virtual learning experience. A special thank you to Jessica Sackman and Kristen D'Arcangelo for spearheading the bitmoji craze!