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Family Feedback on Distance Learning

The mother of a Lexington middle schooler recently shared her feedback on her daughter's positive experience with distance learning.
I hope this note finds you and yours safe and well. I’ve been meaning to write for a while to express my deep gratitude for the organization and commitment the whole school team has demonstrated during the pause. 
I was impressed from Day 1, when the transition to home was fast and smooth. Having the right computer equipment and technical support was key. 
My daughter is engaged and occupied with school work for hours every day, which is only possible due to all the teachers not just showing up but managing to engage the whole class and hold them accountable. I sit nearby so I hear the wrangling and encouragement that is just as important as the creativity.
Extra services like speech therapy came online responsively and have been consistent. The pivot to incorporate keyboarding instruction was a stroke of brilliance. The mental health counseling has been vital and extremely thoughtful and creative.
When my daughter misses assignments, I hear right away so I can take action. She feels responsible for homework and test preparation. This is not innate — she has to be motivated and incentivized to care about these assignments.
The sense of community and daily connection to classmates and teachers is perhaps the most important part of the arrangement. I can’t imagine what our lives would look like without it. 
I hear from other parents in NYC and from across the country who have been left to their own devices and it deepens my gratitude that it is not so with our school. That’s not an accident or a coincidence, it stems from deep commitment and excellent leadership. 
I’m getting teary eyed thinking about how much everyone is putting into these kids' education and I just wanted to say, I see you, them and everyone who is throwing themselves into making this work. 
These words are inadequate to express the appreciation and caring I feel for the Lexington community. But a note was the very least I could do. I hope you’ll share it in whatever way you see fit to let others know that the efforts matter a great deal.