Travel Trainer

The travel trainers (two positions) are responsible for teaching students how to travel safely and independently on public transportation. Most of your time will be spent "in the field" on city buses, in subways, and in the students' communities.

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To Apply:  Send resume and cover letter to hrdept@lexnyc.org
                 Please include Travel Trainer in subject line
                 Or, fax to 718-350-3332.
Position:                                  Travel Trainer (2 positions)
Department:                           Educational Enrichment
Supervisor:                             Supervisor of Educational Enrichment
Position Type:                         Part Time/After School

Salary:                                   $38.00 per hour (180 Hours –  Maximum)          FLSA Status:                           Non-Exempt               

Code:                                    Title One
Travel trainers are responsible for establishing a relationship of trust with their students to teach the students how to travel safely and independently on public transportation and assessing the students’ ability to become “independent travelers.” As a travel trainer, you will teach students the skills and behaviors necessary for safe and independent travel in their communities. Most of your time will be spent “in the field” on city buses, in subways, and in the students’ communities.
  • Plan and teach students to travel independently according to the needs and preferences of the student and the family.
  • Teach skills needed to prepare for safe travel such as identifying public transportation routes, contacting supports if there are problems, and using the appropriate phone apps. Training may also include the ability to use taxis, UBERs, or private car services.
  • Teach basic safety skills such as street crossing and troubleshooting in case of difficulty.
  • Maintain close contact with families.
  • Conduct assessments of the student’s ability to travel safely and independently in the community.
  • Complete student profile reports, maintain travel logs, and prepare and submit other documentation as requested.
  • Attending Travel Training workshops and in-services. This may include evening meetings via Zoom.


·  Excellent communication skills. Demonstrates interpersonal skills necessary to interact effectively with students, Lexington staff, families, and outside contacts.

  • Proficiency in ASL
  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to meet deadlines and time frames.
  • Regents or local High School diploma or GED required
  • Experience working with High School students.
  • Experienced using NYC transit system.
  • Required clearances include medical clearance, fingerprinted by the NYC Board of Education, and SCR and SEL clearance.
  • Ability to use public transportation including climbing stairs and using escalators and elevators.
  • Extensive standing and walking.
  • Working outside in all weather conditions.
  • Good eyesight for reading public transportation signage.
Available:                    February 6, 2024
Deadline:                     Until filled
For Information:        Tracy Pelletier             
Contact:                      Tpelletier@lexnyc.org
To Apply:                   
Send resume and cover letter to hrdept@lexnyc.org
                                       Please include Travel Trainer in subject line
                                       Or fax to 718-350-3332
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