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IRT Theater Program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Young Actors Laboratory
Explore this exciting, theater program! It is accessible and FREE for Deaf  and Hard-of-Hearing students.
For Grades 6-12
Dates: July 10 – 22, 2023

Time: Monday-Friday 10am-3pm (Early drop off available)
Performance: Sat. July 22, 2023 11am
Location: 154 Christopher st 3B NYC

Contact IRT: 212-206-6875   we@irttheater.org

No prior acting experience necessary. Artists of all disciplines are encouraged to apply. Bring an open mind and have it blown away!
Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. For details, videos and links, read more!

As the parent of a theatrically inclined adolescent, IRT’s Westside Experiment summer theater program was everything I could have hoped for. The program’s adult staff never underestimated the creative abilities of the youth, and provided them with the support and skills necessary to imagine, design and perform a remarkably sophisticated multi-media theatrical experience. My daughter made many friends over the 2 weeks of the program and was able to stretch her theatrical muscles in ways she never imagined, and thoroughly enjoyed.

-Joe Matunis, Father of Maya Matunis

1. About the program https://vimeo.com/776280981
2. Example of students work https://vimeo.com/729437229/d81222ac9c
3. Example of students work https://vimeo.com/567380298

Since 2007, IRT Theater has served the downtown theater community by providing space, support and community for independent artists through its 3B Development Series. An offshoot of IRT’s 3B Development Series, the Westside Experiment offers students the skills to create original devised theater in collaboration with a working theater company in residence at IRT.

The progressive Young Actors Laboratory program still covers all the theater essentials, like physical-acting technique, improvisation & script writing, but with a decidedly downtown twist. This year's unique summer experience will include a fusion of sign language, spoken word, mime, storytelling, dance and music. This is a great choice for students, hearing, Deaf, and Hard-of hearing, who are interested in theater but eager to try something more offbeat than, say, Oklahoma.