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Community Events

Your community is a vital network that supports both you and your family! While that is a beautiful thing, they can also be complex and layered. Sometimes it's hard to know where to start when building our own... 

Here are some resources and events that have been gathered by families and friends to help you. Please join the process by emailing msmith@lexnyc.org with any new finds, and continue to grow and strengthen your own support by participating in multiple layers (at school, in your local neighborhood, and through your state/national organizations).

Lexington School for the Deaf is not affiliated with any products, services, or events on this list unless stated otherwise. (Please makes sure to check in with each organization during this time to get the most up-to-date information on programing and events during COVID-19.)
How can I find events in the New York area?
Reoccuring Events:
  • ASL Slam - is a monthly event for adults that offers a great opportunity to socialize and enjoy the community! They open the stage to audience members to come up and rap, rhapsodize and rehash or just relate in sign language. They create a safe space for the sign language community to play with their language. Want to know more - check out this video and join in next month!

Summer Events:
  • ASL Weekend with the American Society for Deaf Children (Postponed Due to COVID-19)
    Don't miss this opportunity when it's right here at home! The ASL Weekend is a unique two-day event for parents, professionals, and kids 16 years old and older. Get personalized instruction and meaningful practice to help you sign with confidence. Space is limited! Sign up today!
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  • Oioli Festival "is the event of your dreams" - 
    July 9-12 in Washington DC  PDF
    “Oiol Festival is dedicated to the creative discovery of sign languages through diverse cultures and art forms, creating a platform to share this unique cultural heritage with people around the world.”

  • Deaf Nation Expo and Conference
    Check their website for dates and locations