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Family Fun

Making play a regular part of your family is a beautiful way to grow and learn together! Playing with your child builds positive relationships. Sharing everyday experiences strengthens your family. 

Lexington School helps families to play
  -  Family Fun Days
  -  Small Group ASL Family Rock Climbing at the Cliffs
  -  PSA events & parties

Please note all in-person events are suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the mean time, check out our new Family Fun platform below and access videos, activities, stories, and more - anywhere that you have internet access!!
Introducing ASL Story Time with our very own Danny Biland!
Voice overs by Dorothy Corporan-Nieves (English) and Chanel Whalen (Spanish)
(Age focus: Ready to Learn-Elementary)
Use these videos to:
  • Help develop evening routines:
    • Get your pajamas on, grab a snack, and pull up our weekly videos to start story time. Make up a song or rhythm to help your child know the steps to expect.
    • Weekly postings (Check back for more soon!)
  • Then, watch it together as a family and use the opportunity to:
    • Ask your child questions.
    • Prompt conversations/play throughout the week/weekend.
    • Boost your American Sign Language receptive skills and learn new vocabulary (Once you’re comfortable, try muting the sound to take it to the next level!)

Keep watching! Up next is our Family Fun Guide for In My Heart by Jo Witek.

After watching
Journey by Aaron Becker, explore this related Family Fun Guide
to continue the journey at home!

Activities for the Family:
(Age focus: Elementary- Middle School)
The Jewish Museum in Manhattan offers ASL Family Days.
Join their wonderful educators Debra Cole and Hollie Ecker for a workshop for families in the ASL communities with kids age 7-12 years old. During this program they will explore the exhibitionRachel Feinstein: Maiden, Mother, Crone and create art inspired by the work on view.
Sunday, March 8th  from 10:30am- 12:30pm. If you are interested in joining, please contact access@thejm.org or call 212.423.3289

This is an exciting Kid’s Gallery Guide to explore together at home!
  • Drawing Prompts 
  • Guided Questions 
  • And at home activities for your own sculpture creation with found objects!

The New Victory Theater offers ASL Interpreted Shows  - the next one for Riddle of the Trilobites (Recommended for ages 6 and up) will be on February 16 at 12pm! Email BETH@HANDSON.ORG for free tickets! 

Explore these wonderful Family Activities before and after the show!
  • Make prehistoric puppets
  • Slove riddles 
  • Learn about climate change
  • And make family goals to impact the world for the better!

The Jewish Museum in Manhattan offers ASL Family Days.  They wanted to share this
video so you could learn a bit more about what to expect on those days (Jan 26 and March 8). Events are free - just register at access@thejm.org.
This is an exciting Kid’s Gallery Guide to explore together at home!
  • Hidden pictures 
  • Artistic prompts
  • Conversation Starters
  • Descriptive writings on winter journeys
  • And an Art Project for you to do at home!

Coming Soon for Families:
(Age focus: Middle School - High School)
Our Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support (PBIS) team will be sharing a video for families with a focus on Internet Safety!  Do you know what new apps, profiles, and platforms are out there for your children to explore? Learn how to stay engaged in your child’s online activities, what to watch for, and ways to help teach/model safe internet behaviors and habits. 

Also, explore resources such as Family Support for Deaf Teens. Available here in Spanish Apoyo familiar para adolescentes sordos.