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Drama Club

Would You Like to Contribute to a New Drama Club Production?

The Lexington Drama Club is creating its next show with stories from you! We’re looking for funny, happy, sad, powerful, interesting stories about who we are and how we connect as people. To be included, tell us a story about something that happened to you because of who you are. We all have many different identities: tall, Deaf, BiPoc, cat-lover, chef, trans, NYer, Australian, brown-eyed, reader, student, morning person, geek, footballer, etc., just to name a few. Choose one that you want to talk about and send it by writing or video to: by October 31st. If picked*, it will appear in our spring production, performed by one or more of our Drama Club actors, and your name will appear in the program! So take a chance and send us your story!
*Note: With permission, we may make slight edits for timing or matching the overall production.

Need Some Ideas to Get Started?

Here are some examples of the types of stories we are looking for! Story ideas can be submitted in written or video format. 

"Trash Baby" (English script)

"I Hate Coffee"  (Spoken English)

"Where Are You From?" (Spoken English & Spanish)

"Afro-Latino"  (ASL)

Drama Club Overview

The Lexington Drama Club is committed to providing theatrical and artistic educational opportunities to students. Through membership in the Drama Club, students gain a diverse experience in the arts, both on-stage and behind the scenes. Students learn about acting, stage terminology, set building, lighting, costuming, makeup, and program design.

Drama Club strengthens students’ communication and interpersonal skill and promotes literacy and critical thinking. Students gain a greater sense of independence, confidence, and responsibility - qualities that transfer over to their everyday lives.

Participation is open to any high school student who would like to participate and can commit to the attendance expectations for their role. Rehearsals are held after-school and, occasionally, on weekends. Students should be able to travel independently or have transportation provided by their parents or guardians. Evening performances are usually held in mid-December and are open to the general public for a nominal ticket price.

Prior Drama Club Shows

  • Once Upon A Mattress - 2019
  • A Christmas Carol – 2018
  • Oh Brother! – 2017
  • The Laramie Project – 2015
  • The Nitwits – 2014
  • You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown! – 2013
  • Nothing Happened – 2012
  • Class Action - 2011