Foreign Language Transition Classes (FLTC)

Lexington’s Foreign Language Transition Classes (FLTC) help students adapt to a new culture and language. Students learn American Sign Language (ASL) and English as part of their academic course of study. 
In FLTC’s self-contained classrooms, teachers focus on face-to-face communication and literacy skills. ASL and English are reinforced through teaching the general academic content areas of math, science, social studies and English Language Arts. Students also explore and develop an appreciation for the cultural similarities and differences between their home countries and the United States. Each student's home language and culture are supported by bilingual and multicultural personnel.

FLTC students attend school-wide assemblies and special events with  their peers. Students also attend specials - art, career education, physical education, dance, health and technology education. As students acquire communication skills, they may enroll in general education classes on a part-time or full-time basis. The average stay in the program is two years. However, students may stay in the program as long as necessary.

Additional Info

For additional information regarding the FLTC program, please contact:
Frank Dattolo
Upper School Principal
Voice:    718-350-3231