Dorm Trip to Vermont

Nine Dorm students traveled to Vermont on October 1st for a week-long career exploration program hosted by Green Mountain National Forest and CorpsTHAT.  Lexington would like to thank Holly Knox (USFS), Sam Bragg (CorpsTHAT), Beth and Bob Kennett (Liberty Hill Farm), and everyone at Green Mountain and Finger Lakes National Forest for providing our students with an incredible experience.
During the week, students learned about land and water stewardship and conservation.  They scrapped, sanded, and painted picnic tables; removed rusted grills that were cemented in the ground; removed rotten wood beams from the picnic tables to prepare them for replacement, and rebuilt trails for bikers and hikers. The students enjoyed biking on the trails and hiking in the mountains. While in Vermont, the group stayed at Liberty Hill Farm in Rochester and enjoyed hearty meals and caring for the calves. The youngest was 30 minutes old.  They also saw how farmers make corn silage for their dairy cows.   Lexington staff Joyce Neier and Jacque Fresolo chaperoned the students.