Middle School Athletics Adds Two Teams

The Athletic Program is excited to announce additional sports for middle school students. Click here for the announcement (in English and Spanish) and forms.
Our Athletics program has grown and now is expanding to offer three sports! We now are offering Middle School Soccer and Volleyball in the fall. We will continue to offer Middle School basketball in the Winter. The Middle School fall season will start on September 20th.

To be eligible to participate in our Athletic Program, your son/daughter MUST have a completed annual physical checkup. All medical forms should be completed and submitted to the Lexington Health Services on or before Friday, June 24 for review and approval to participate.

To be eligible to participate in the Lexington Athletics program, your son/daughter has to meet or exceed the expectations that Lexington has set for the code of conduct and academics. Here at Lexington, we value academics and your son/daughter’s personal growth and character.
Transportation: Great news! We will be providing transportation two times a week, Mondays and Wednesdays. We are able to drop your child off at the designated train station so you, as a family member/guardian have the option of: allowing your child as an 8th grader to travel independently, pick up your child at Lexington or pick up at the designated subway station.

Click here for the required participation forms.