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Planned Gift

Planned Gift

The values you have held dear throughout your lifetime can continue.

We urge you to discuss your wishes with a financial adviser and lawyer.

What is Planned Giving?

Making a planned gift to The Lexington School for the Deaf is easy–and it begins with a plan. You can maximize your charitable gift while providing advantages to you and your heirs. It starts with choosing a plan that best fits your vision and financial circumstances.


You can leave a lasting legacy of support to Lexington by making a charitable bequest in your will. A lawyer knowledgeable in estate law can assist you in preparing a will that includes Lexington as a beneficiary. Please remember The Lexington School for the Deaf when making or changing your will.

Charitable Remainder Trust

You may also wish to set up a charitable remainder trust that will ultimately benefit Lexington. You donate property to the trust and the income from the trust is allocated to you and your beneficiaries for life or a specified term. The amount remaining in the trust is then donated to the charity. Please see your financial adviser for more information.

Steps to Planned Giving

  1. Make a list of your assets.
  1. Talk with family members about your intentions.
  1. Meet with your financial adviser to develop a plan.
  1. Meet with your lawyer to draw up a Will and other legal documents.
  1. Review your Will and beneficiary designations on a regular basis.
  1. Complete a Health Care Proxy, Durable Power of Attorney and Living Will.