Lexington Board selects Russell West as next Superintendent/CEO

Dear Lexington Community:

As you know, our esteemed Superintendent/CEO, Mr. Donald Galloway, has announced that he is retiring from his position as Superintendent/CEO at the Lexington School and Center for the Deaf at the conclusion of this academic year.

With Mr. Galloway’s announcement of his intention to retire, the Board of Trustees initiated a search for the next Superintendent/CEO. We met the initial candidates and went through three rounds of interviews, first with the Search Committee, followed by a conferencing with each of the candidates, and then a final interview with the stakeholders of Lexington. The number of candidates was reduced in each round of interviews. The information that we gathered from the candidates and the stakeholders was immensely helpful and it contributed to our decision on the final candidate for the position.

The Board is pleased to officially notify the Lexington community that Mr. Russell West, currently at Texas School for the Deaf, has been selected as our next Superintendent/CEO. He will become the next Superintendent/CEO on July 1, 2019. 

The Board expresses our deep appreciation for Mr. Galloway's outstanding service and contribution to the continued growth, viability, and recognition of Lexington and our children. In our hearts, Don deserves to occupy a high place in Lexington's history!


Russell S. Rosen

President of the Board of Trustees